The Spark in Review: Oct. 20

The Spark in Review is a run-down of the week’s news and reveals. This week’s news includes Transformers: Cyberverse information, several new Power of the Primes toy leaks, and new toy galleries. If you’re interested in a story, follow the forum link at the end of that article for up-to-date discussion on that topic.
Transformers Cartoons, Comics, and Media
This week at the Allspark, we have to give top billing to upcoming cartoon news. We’ve just had our first look at Cyberverse, the successor to the Robots in Disguise series. It appears to centrally feature Bumblebee and Windblade and likely target a similar demographic, though there’s no word whether this series shares its continuity with the “Aligned” universe of RiD, Prime, and Rescue Bots. For more, erm, mature audiences, we’ve also had some peeks into the upcoming Titans Return web series, set to premiere November 14, including a synopsis and behind-the-scenes video with the writer and producer.
While we’re on the subject of Transformers media that isn’t made of plastic, we have our comics news: the January solicitations list from IDW publishing, as well as previews of First Strike #6, Optimus Prime #12, Mask: First Strike, and ROM #14. Optimus Prime #12 is a special one, since starred artist Andrew Griffith has returned to fill in for the interior art for this issue.
On one last media note, the Transformers: Earth Wars and Transformers: Forged to Fight mobile games have each rolled out new updates this week as well. Forged to Fight has hit its 4.0 milestone and introduced a new chapter, while Earth Wars has debuted the Power Cores update, adding a new layer of strategy and customization to its gameplay.

Toy News and Reveals
If you’re here for the plastic, we’ve had a few reveals this week, and one of them was even intentional! Masterpiece Movie Barricade wasn’t, revealed instead via a leaked deco guide. Three separate leaks of Power of the Primes stock images revealed combined artwork, individual artwork, and toy images relating to Abominus, combiner forms of Elita-1 and Inferno, and Moonracer, as well as glimpses of a few bonus characters along the way. Finally, the upcoming Darth Vader transforming TIE Advanced fighter was finally officially revealed in full color, leaving us to speculate just where this second pass at Star Wars crossover Transformers might be going.
We’ve also released two galleries of recent figures: TakaraTomy Legends Hot Rod, and Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive Grotusque with Scorponok. And if you’re into haul posts, we discussed the complementary press package we received from Hasbro at NYCC 2017.
Finally, TakaraTomy’s Legends Greatshot and Grand Maximus have become available for preorder at site sponsors BigBadToyStore and TFSource.
For me, the biggest news this week could only be about the Titans Return series from Machinima; I’m sure we all have a special place in our hearts for Combiner Wars and will never DOINK forget what we experienced. But Movie Masterpiece Barricade and the related rumors about future MPM figures hints that what seemed like a near one-off in Bumblebee and Prime might become a unique and exciting line, and fans following Power of the Primes to fill out their Generation 1 rosters have a lot to look forward to in 2018. Come tell us what you’re looking forward to or hoping to see on our forums!