Power of the Primes Stock Renders

To go along with the toy reveals we’re seeing at NYCC, we now have a stack of stock renders and art giving us a great look at some of the upcoming PotP toys. This line is looking fantastic and it seems the Prime Wars trilogy will be going out on a high note!
The renders include

  • Prime Masters Metalhawk/Vector Prime, Submarauder/Alchemist Prime and Landmine/Alpha Trion
  • Legends class¬†Windcharger and Skrapnel
  • Deluxe class Terrorcons¬†Sinnertwin, Blot, Cutthroat, Rippersnapper
  • Voyager class Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr
  • Leader class Rodimus Unicronus (with a dash of Shattered Glass for extra flavour!)