Power of the Primes Artwork Leaks: Round 2

Snakas and Weibo page 微信号tf-factory have come through again with another piece of artwork for Power of the Primes Elita-1 and Inferno, plus Moonracer and a Dinobot cross-sell graphic. This follows the artwork surfaced of Elita-1 and Inferno’s combined forms.  
Where the previous release teased the combined forms of Elita-1 and Inferno, this one gives us individual robot modes and a bonus Moonracer.

Elita-1 still plausibly resembles a retool of Power of the Primes Starscream. Her pack-in collector card gives a brief description of her new ability when empowered by the Vector Prime Prime Master: “Freezes and accelerates time without draining her energy.” It’s rumored that collector cards will be associated with a random Prime Master for a total of 12 versions of each character card.

Like Abominus, the “diagram” representation of Volcanicus includes release dates for two of the figures, implying a split release schedule for the teams. This time, we also get a peek at the combiner fists used as heels for the (appropriately) massive new combiner feet.
Inferno is also here.
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