Power Cores Update for Transformers: Earth Wars Is Live!

At HASCON, we spoke with Earth Wars developers Space Ape Games about new upcoming characters including Triple Changers and the recent combiner entrants Volcanicus and Predaking, as well as the new Power Core feature. Power Cores have now launched, adding another layer of strategy to the offensive and defensive game in Earth Wars.
The new Nebulan Power Cores, introduced in a new campaign written by no less than Simon Furman, allow players to customize bots or defenses by equipping a single Core to any bot or defense. Cores come in two main flavors, those for bots and those for defenses, while some cores are specialized for particular classes or even individual bots. They also come in star levels and grades and can be upgraded or leveled. See this video for the full explanation:

The system promises much more customization and strategic planning as it pushes bots into more specialized roles and gives you options for more specifically targeted and optimized defenses, resulting in a new layer of tactical trade-offs and problem-solving.
Space Ape have released three other videos explaining the nuances of this system – “Power Cores on Bots“, “Power Cores on Defenses“, and an episode of their weekly stream that includes some discussion of the design goals and considerations behind the Cores. The stream also offers some extra spoilers, like the identities of the upcoming Triple Changers when their story launches. You’re probably right about at least one of them – we were!
Earth Wars is a mobile strategy game designed around building and besieging defensive bases and, of course, collecting lots of cool transforming robots (in-game) to do it. If you haven’t given it a try, you can check it out here. If you have and want to share your thoughts, you can also join our discussion on the Allspark Forums here.