PotP Leaks Round 3: Toy Renders of Moonracer and Elita-1! In-Package Prime Masters and Others!

Surely this is the main event, to which the other leaks were merely a teaser. Via Snakas and originally 微信号tf-factory again come small images of Moonracer, Inferno, and Elita-1 in all their forms, in-package pictures, and all the fist armor you can bear. 
First off are the three headlining new characters, diagrammaticaly rendered torso modes for Elita-1 and Hun-Grrr, and arm modes for Jazz, Rippersnapper, and Moonracer, in varying degrees of readable resolution.

Elita-1 appears to be a fairly extensive retool of Starscream, while Inferno is a less ambitious adjustment of Hot Shot. Moonracer is of course an entirely fresh mold.
If Moonracer above isn’t enough chest fist for you, try Rippersnapper, Blackwing, and Jazz, with bonus shield-bearing Hun-Grrr.

Finally, tantalizing in-package images of Deluxe Dinobots Slug and Swoop, Legends class Windcharger and Skrapnel, and Prime Masters Vector Prime and Micronus, with their respective Metalhawk and Cloudburst-derived Decoy Suits.

Also see our earlier post of the two new Voyagers’ combiner forms in art here and individual robot art of them and Moonracer here from the same sources.
Thanks to Allspark’s Sprocket for the tip off! Check out the original leaks at Snakas and 微信号tf-factory and discuss the news in our Power of the Primes discussion thread at the Allspark Forums.