Optimus Prime, AoE Galvatron, and TLK Onslaught Prop Truck Gallery from Rose City Comic Con

Rose City Comic Con was last month and your friendly neighborhood Allspark reporter Vexwing was on the scene. Also on the scene was another Portland staple, Western Star Trucks, the company responsible for building the actual prop trucks for AoE/TLK Optimus Prime, AoE Galvatron, and TLK Onslaught!

So while playing Peter Parker with a phone camera may result in shots that are decidedly less than super, you can still check out these incredible trucks featured in the Transformers films.
Of note are Galvatron’s color changing lights and the back of Onslaught’s vehicle mode complete with what’s presumably kill-count markings! Hey, three ‘Bots and two humans, not too shabby!

Yeah, we got a little convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight?
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