New TakaraTomy Movie Figure Listings Including Leader Blackout and MPM-5

Per the Loopaza Mega Store Facebook page, listings for April TakaraTomy releases include nine new Movie Transformers figures, including characters from at least three films across Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader price points, as well as the MPM-5 Movie Masterpiece figure rumored to be Barricade. Most interesting might be the dreaded Crowbar and Leader-class Blackout.

The figures listed are Deluxe-class Bumblebee, Stinger, Crowbar, and Ratchet, Voyager Optimus Prime and Starscream, and Leader Grimlock and Blackout. This correlates with prior leaks and puts these figures in company with a later Voyager-class RotF Megatron and 2007 Brawl.
It’s unknown how many of these figures represent entirely new figures. Voyagers Brawl and Megatron were previously revealed to be new molds, and there has never been a Leader Blackout, meaning that of the April launches, at least Blackout and MPM-5 are new molds. But there is still the possibility that other figures in this lineup may be new decos in the vein of the Movie the Best line.
See the original Facebook post here and discuss the news on the Allspark Forums here. Thanks to Powered Convoy for the heads up.