New Photos of Legends Brawn, Triggerhappy, Kickback, Clouder

Photos from Twitter users umin_movie_game, Alfes 2010, and M Gandji showcase the TakaraTomy Legends counterparts to Titans Return Brawn, Triggerhappy, and Kickback, including the Clouder Headmaster and with comparisons of the Insecticon trio in Western and Japanese release forms. 

Gong (Brawn) includes the Repug Headmaster and appears here via Alfes 2010 and M Gandji, who also drew the boxart!

Triggerhappy is a sharp new deco on a sharp figure, and includes the new Blowpipe Targetmaster in addition to his Headmaster component. Pictures via Alfes 2010.

Finally, with images via umin_movie_game and M Gandji, we have Kickback with his teammates and their North American doppelgangers, Clouder in humanoid and head forms, and a bonus teaser of the deep and classy lore to expect from the pack-in comic!
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