New Iron Factory Preorders from Site Sponsor TFSource – Spirits of the D.E.C., Rush Beats, Sword of the Guardian

We’ll be honest: We don’t cover many unlicensed third-party Transformers-friendly play-alikes here. But on the heels of their announcement and display at SGC 2017 in Shanghai, TFSource has opened preorders with photos of 11 newcomers from Iron Factory, one of the very best in the business of luring you away from official product.  
Iron Factory specializes in playable play-alikes for figures of the Generations Legends “scale”, pocket-sized figures of ordinary-sized Transformers. Since around 2013, the official Transformers Legends class has been fully folded into the main Generations lineup as an indirect successor to the old Scout class, but Iron Factory hasn’t slowed down, building from that scale to include larger figures for hulking heroes and villains and constantly expanding their pocket armies based on designs from the IDW Transformers comics, Dreamwave’s two War Within miniseries, and elsewhere.
They’ve released images for several upcoming figures, with product stretching out to October 2018. We’re going to highlight some of the most interesting bits here, but continue on to the preorder pages to see more images and some other upcoming figures.
Solicited elsewhere as Sword of Defender, Sword of the Guardian is a send-up of IDW’s Dai Atlas design by Alex Milne. He’s slated to ship next month, so you don’t have long to wait.

Coming in May 2018, Burning Slug is a bulked-out, rough and tumble take on Warpath.

Slated for June 2018, Rush Beats is a tiny interpretation of Jazz, complete with a new alt mode and deployable shoulder speakers in place of door wings.

Finally, the Spirits of the D.E.C. lineup, coming October 2018, represents the entire Decepticon Justice Division – minus Nickel – under the names of stars in the constellation Ursa Major, and in what feels like a memorable Nick Roche joke, are able to combine into a massive representation of their leader.

The Spirits of the D.E.C. include the massive Merak and Alkaid, Phecda and Mizar as a pair, and their masked leader Dubhe.
You can see all the preorders, plus other new items from Iron Factory, here. Discuss the recent Iron Factory and other reveals at SGC 2017 here and see all of our third-party playlike discussions in our B.O.T. Talk forum.