New Combiner Artwork for Abominus and Elita-1 (!), Power of the Primes Deluxe Toy Stock Images

Thanks to Allspark legend-that-exists Powered Convoy and Snakas, we have new stock images of the alternate modes of Power of the Primes Deluxe-class Jazz, Swoop, Slug, and Dreadwind, plus an exciting teaser of three Power of the Primes combiners. 
First up is an unusual collection of images: alternate form images, with and without accessories, of four upcoming Deluxe-class figures. Dreadwind features his Powermaster engine, while the others sport the newly redesigned combiner-fist weapons (which also double as armor for the robot modes.)

Next are two pieces of artwork – a cross-sell “schematic” of Abominus showing his component figures, and a poster-style image of three combiners including Abominus, a combiner that appears to be Elita-1 wearing Jazz as a leg, and a third combiner featuring an unknown Voyager torso and borrowing Slug as a limb from Volcanicus.

We’ve seen mismatched teams before in Combiner Wars marketing materials and packaging, but also always possible that, like the initial release of Scattershot, the third Voyager figure included here doesn’t  represent a full team.
Also worth noting here is that three of the Terrorcons are marked as “coming late 2018”, further implying that Hun-Gurrr and Rippersnapper will feature in an earlier release.
Finally, as a bonus, we also have a detail from the Submarauder / Alchemist Prime instruction sheet and a truly infuriatingly low-resolution image of Rodimus Unicronus’ box back in which the text cannot be read.

You can see the original postings on the Snakas blog here and here.
Any guesses who the unknown combiner partners might be? Hoping for anyonein particular? Share your hopes and speculation here at the Allspark Forums Power of the Primes discussion thread!