MPM-5 Movie Masterpiece Barricade Image Leaked

Are you Ladiesman217?! Weibo user TF饭-阿鲁卡多 has released a pair of deco-guide images for Movie Masterpiece Barricade, showing his robot and police interceptor Mustang forms. 2017 Hall of Fame entrant Barricade is based on his 2007 appearance, like MPM Optimus and Bumblebee.
While the images are somewhat obscured by deco information and a few layers of watermarks, it’s clear that this figure will be as intricate as previous MPM releases and captures the character’s monstrous proportions and intricate mechanical mush, as well as the unique spinning blade weapon.

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Thanks to Allspark legend Powered Convoy for the tip-off! He also passes along the rumor that MPM-6 and MPM-7 may be Ironhide and upcoming Bumblebee‘s Volkswagen rendition of Bumblebee, respectively.