More Rare Generation 1 Animation Cels For Sale!

Friend of The Allspark and all-round Transformers expert Jim Sorenson has alerted us that a second batch of animation cels from the Generation 1 cartoon have been placed on sale! Read on for details!

As with the previous batch of cels, Jim is acting as an intermediary for the anonymous seller. Check them out in the gallery below:

How can you get your hands on these pieces of Transformers history? Jim has the details:

Bidding should start at $400 each, except the explosion ($100 minimum.)
How this works is simple. If you’re interested in any of these cels, just PM me your offer. (Note that you’re going to have to add 3% for paypal and another few bucks for insured shipping on top of your best offer, so price that into consideration.) I’ll list out the bids (but not bidders) here. There’s a buy-it-now price of $4,000 for the lot of them. Otherwise I’ll let it run for about a week.

Check out Jim’s original post on Facebook, where you can contact him to place your bid! And discuss these rare pieces of Transformers history with other fans on the Allspark Forums!