Legends LG-45 Targetmaster Hot Rod Gallery!

Impulsively barging into the Allspark studios this week is none other than “all-American-boy” Autobot, Targetmaster Hot Rod!  Is the Legends version worth shelling out the extra cash?  Don’t stand there like you’ve been hit with an electrostatic discharger, check out the pics after the break and decide for yourself!

LG-45 is just about perfect.  I have to say, while I typically love both the Hasbro AND the Takara versions of characters, this is one of those times where I prefer the Takara version so much more than the domestic figure that I almost regret buying the US Hot Rod.  Almost.  I may try to consider that one a different character…

Changes to Note
Legends Hot Rod only has two newly molded pieces.  The clear yellow chest piece is new, and the tip of the car does not fold up into it like on the domestic version. It also contains a “collar”, that flips around in a way reminiscent of the G1 figure, allowing the chest to not have to display the port that holds Firebolt in vehicle mode while he stands.

Other than that, it’s mostly cosmetic.  Plastic colors and paint ops make up the rest of the major differences on this figure, but boy do they make him pop.  This deco just blows the original out of the water in terms of the G1 look, which is what I was wanting from a “classic” Hot Rod toy.

Targetmaster Firebolt is a brand-new mold, and with him comes what I originally wanted with the previous Generations Targetmasters (Scoop’s team) and the Titanmasters: “masters” figures with decent articulation.  He’s a fun little figure, and he has tons of play value.  Honestly, the set would be worth it to just get him.

If you did not buy the Hasbro Hot Rod, you have no excuse not to get this version.  If you did buy the Hasbro Hot Rod, you have no excuse not to get this version.  Just get it.  Seriously, you will thank me, and your Transformers: The Movie shelf will thank me.