iTunes Previews for Optimus Prime #12, M.A.S.K.: First Strike, & ROM #14!

Via iTunes we have previews for upcoming titles like, Optimus Prime #12, with Optimus trapped on Cybertron, this issue shines the spotlight on our favorite bots (and cons) over on Sanctuary Station! Continue reading to check out the pages!

After you’ve read the previews, head over to our Allspark Forums to discuss them! Thanks to Allspark member Soundwave902 for the tip.

Optimus Prime #12

With Optimus Prime trapped on Cybertron, the Autobots track down their missing friend, Jazz—and find themselves under fire from humans armed with Cybertronian weapons!

M.A.S.K.: First Strike

V.E.N.O.M.’s showdown with the G.I. Joe team continues as transforming vehicles, robotic ninjas and explosions threaten to bring the mission to a deadly end!

Rom #14

“Long Roads to Ruin” finale! Is this the last issue of Rom? Yes and no! First Strike is upon us and out of that momentous event, a new Rom will arise! But before that, the fate of the Knights of the Solstar Order!