IDW Transformers Completed Series Trade Collections $3.99 on Comixology and IDW Digital Sales

Trade collections for some completed ongoing Transformers titles – the 2009 Transformers, All Hail Megatron, Robots in Disguise, and More than Meets the Eye – are on sale for $3.99 USD per volume.

The Transformers listings start here on page 2 of the Sales category on, though some on-sale items may not be listed there (like the final volumes of Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye, which are discounted and show up from their respective series listing pages).
Miniseries like Drift and Windblade, the two Wreckers collections, and the three Spotlight collections are unfortunately not included in the sale, but otherwise, the whole of IDW’s Transformers continuity up to the beginning of the currently-running books seems to be presented.
The sale lasts until Thursday, Oct. 19.