Hero-X Transformers Generations 2018 Cover Art Revealed

Via Twitter, Japanese company Hero-X has released the cover art to the upcoming Transformers Generations 2018 mook (a Japanese portmanteau term for a combined magazine + book), scheduled for release 20 November 2017. The latest entry in Hero-X’s line of Transformers mooks, Generations 2018 is expected to showcase artwork and photography of Japanese Transformers toys. This is evident in the artwork, which shows the recently-released Legends Targetmaster Hot Rod toy facing off against numerous current and upcoming Legends Decepticons. Amazon Japan has the mook listed for the price of 3024 yen (approximately $27 USD).

Hero-X had previously solicited this mook as a second volume of last year’s Transformers Generations 2017, but now this entry has its own title.
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