Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusive Grotusque and Scorponok Gallery!

Laughing his way into the Allspark studios this weekend is everyone’s favorite Monsterbot joker, the ever annoying Grotusque!  Check out the gallery after the break to see how he stack’s up to his mold brother, Twinferno!

The moment we saw Twinferno (and later Repugnus), I had hope that we might see all the Monsterbots in Titans Return.  Twinferno was a damn near perfect rendition of Doublecross, and Repugnus, while way too tiny, was still pretty neat as one of the best Titanmasters to date.  With the Titans Return line coming to an end as things shift to Power of the Primes, I thought maybe our chances were getting slim that we would see the third member of the team in the same design as his team mates…then Hasbro dropped Grotusque and Scorponok on us from out of nowhere.

You have already like seen plenty of reviews on Twinferno, so I will not give a full review of this figure.  If you liked the first version of this mold, then you will LOVE Grotusque.  While they share a lot of parts, the ones they have in common are fewer than you would realize, and it comes out to about 50% different from the first version of the mold.
Parts that remain unchanged:

  • robot thighs
  • robot lower legs
  • monster tail panels
  • monster thighs/robot feet
  • “cockpit” cover
  • monster wings
  • monster feet
  • Titanmaster torso

Parts that are new or modified:

  • hip panel
  • front torso
  • back torso
  • chest panel/monster lower neck and jaw
  • monster head
  • shoulders
  • arms
  • Titanmaster head
  • Titanmaster faceplate

The QC, paint ops, and articulation on this figure are the level you would expect for a “web exclusive”.  The figure is nice and tight.  The box displays nicely…as long as you leave it open without removing the figure.  The lower neck, jaw, hips, shoulders, and monster head highlights make for a nice amount of paint ops that hit all the marks from the original figure’s color scheme.  As always with Titans Return, he’s a great update to the G1 Grotusque.

Scorponok is a great sculpt, that would have been better if he had an actual TR body.  He would also have been better served to not have a die-cast face plate.  The die-cast still restricts the movement of the Titanmaster head more than I would like, even if mine actually turns, unlike all my other exclusive Titanmasters.

That being said, while this figure has already sold out at HasbroToyShop, you definitely want to add him to your Titans Return collection.  If you missed out, look for him at Toys R Us in the future!