Hasbro Interview Reveals Some Details about Cinematic Universe

An issue of Licensing Today Worldwide magazine published ahead of the upcoming Brand Licensing Europe 2017 expo has revealed a few details about Hasbro’s plans for Transformers films after the Bumblebee movie hits theaters in December 2018. More after the break!

The magazine, mirrored in full here, features an interview with Katherine Buckland, Hasbro’s senior director of consumer products, EMEA. Most of the interview is PR fluff, but Buckland revealed a few interesting tidbits about upcoming movies:

LTW: Talk us through the next steps in the movie franchise for Transformers.
KB: We still have several action-packed years coming up for the Transformers brand. Beginning this year, there will be a movie every year for the next three years, helping fans connect with the brand and its characters like never before. With Michael Bay at the helm, Transformers: The Last Knight – the fifth installment in the Transformers franchise – hit theatres in June 2017, and featured leading actors like Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Isabela Moner, and Josh Duhamel. For December 2018, Hasbro is working on a film centered on the never-before-heard story of Bumblebee, and in June 2019, Hasbro will unveil an entirely new, exciting storyline for the beloved brand.

(Emphasis ours.)
Given the vagueness of the rest of the interview, it’s safe to say that we should take this information with a grain of salt. But could it mean a full-scale reboot of the now decade-old Transformers movie-verse?
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