Encore God Fire Convoy to Feature Cartoon Voice Talent

Via Dengeki Hobby, it’s been revealed that TakaraTomy’s Encore God Fire Convoy will update the electronics of Fire Convoy and God Magnus with newly recorded (and expanded) voice effects from the Car Robots voice cast.
Surely no sound chip can ever touch as many hearts as I AM OPTIMUS PRIME!!!, or MEGATRON ATTACK!!!. 
But Dengeki Hobby reports that Satoshi Hashimoto and Takashi Matsuyama, the respective voice actors of Fire Convoy and God Magnus in the original Japanese-language Car Robots series, will be reprising their roles for the encore release of God Fire Convoy. Interestingly, it seems that these will be new recordings rather than samples from the series audio, with a larger number of samples than the original toy boasted, and with additional new recordings (naturally) unlocked when the figures combine.
As we’ve reported previously, the new release features an animation-styled deco with much-reduced chrome and new details, as well as a Super God Sword / Master Sword accessory. You can check out all the pretty pictures here. Site sponsors BigBadToyStore and TFSource have listed the set for preorder for the announced $279.99 price.
Do you have fond memories of the original figures’ (or their RiD releases’) soundboxes shouting at you during transformation? Discuss the news and all things Encore God Fire Convoy here on the Allspark forums! (Stop here first to create an account if it’s your first time.)