NYCC Hasbro Power of the Primes Reveal Photos

Our reporter on the ground Patrick (D Buster Prime) has passed along a nice gallery of Hasbro reveals from NYCC. We’ve got the Dinobots combined into Volcanicus, we’ve got all of the Terrorcons (though it doesn’t appear they were showing off Abominus yet), and other figures including Prime Masters! Also enjoy some notes straight from Hasbro themselves! If you’ve been wondering about a TR Galvatron redeco continue reading, though the answer may not be what you were hoping for. Read on to check them all out!

The black Rodimus is called “Rodimus Unicronus”, equipped with the “Matrix of Chaos”. The smaller black Hot Rod figure is “Nemesis Hot Rod”.
Hasbro has gotten the original G1 names for each of the Terrorcons, in contrast to the Beast Hunters release, for example.
The Grotusque packaging from the official press release photos have an error (faction sigils?), but the error has been noticed and corrected for the actual product that will ship.
The PotP Pretenders/weapons resulted from a Takara-initiated proposal. Sometimes, they propose stuff (sometimes more than once), and it’s just a matter of timing and finding a line in which they will fit.
The one that is the most ambiguous (purple bipedal beast) is actually an ogre!
No immediate plans to release redecos/retools based on TR Hot Rod or Galvatron. Their molds are just too specific.
However, they did have alternate Titanmaster heads planned. Alternate Hot Rod was based on IDW for a possible comic redeco. Alternate Galvatron had a more cartoon/anime based alternate head for a gray-G1-toy-colored redeco. Again, no current plans to release either of these.

Check back later for more news and notes from our Hasbro interview!