Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for October 14th 2017

Good morning, Allspark! It’s Saturday, it’s time for you to unwind, stop multi-tasking, and just relax. And what better way to start your multi-slacking weekend then by taking a look at this week’s tribute to the Allspark Art Showcase of the week.
This week’s showcase tribute is brought to you by Allspark member Eric “Noideaforaname” Kowalick’s unique take on Soundwave & His Minions!
Eric is a talented illustrator from New Jersey who has been revitalizing the Allspark art community with his fun and imaginative Transformer designs. Check out his work below and click on the image to view it in our forums and don’t forget to let Noideaforaname know what you think of his work!

Do you like customizing, repainting, drawing, or making art? Share your works here in our Iacon Art Institute forums! Your work could be featured in our next Allspark Art Showcase!