A Smattering of Grotusquerie

Allspark icons Powered Convoy and Nightviper have provided some in-hand pictures from the Titans Return Grotusque NYCC exclusive set, including Titan Masters Fengul and Scorponok. Grotusque and his little friends are slated for a future mass release with Toys R Us.
First is this brief gallery by Powered Convoy hitting the main points and showing off the deliciously deco’d Fengul. Powered Convoy thoughtfully photographed the character bios and we’ve pulled them for convenience below.

GROTUSQUE cracks a joke as easy as he cracks a mirror. The military strategist is a top-notch fighter who can’t help but laugh at everything, including his frightening and repulsive appearance.
When FENGUL unites with GROTUSQUE, he gives him an optics scorch boost that temporarily blinds and disables his enemies. Together they make the perfect pair, scarring bots with their equally revolting appearances.
Cruel and malicious super Titan Master SCORPONOK unleashes a fusion-powered anti-gravity super fireblast boost to leave enemies stranded in despair and isolation beyond the reach of medical assistance.

Next is Nightviper’s capture of a small family of Scorponok heads. See his original Twitter posts here and here.

Finally, via Snakas, we have official images of the trio and a turnaround video of Grotusque in both modes. See the original blog post here.

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Thanks again to Powered Convoy and NightViper for the images!