Transformers: RID (and Ponies) Slated for New McD’s Happy Meal Premiums

Get ready for the next wave of Transformers and Ponies to languish on the shelves of your nearest Goodwill! McDonald’s will have some new Transformers: Robots in Disguise selections for its next Happy Meal premiums, along with some My Little Pony: The Movie items for the equestrians in our midst. Gallery after the jump.

According to the official Happy Meal website, following the current Ninjago Movie theme, the next set of Happy Meals will feature a selection of small, non-transforming characters as well as simple face masks. The lineup includes the usual Robots in Disguise suspects: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Grimlock.

And here are the Ponies for those curious:

Robots in Disguise has featured in McDonald’s Happy Meals each year since its 2015 debut, and Transformers’ relationship with the fast food giant goes all the way back to 1985.