Transformers: Earth Wars Developers Let Loose the Beasts of War

Transformers: Earth Wars have officially “pressed the button” and made beast combiners available in-game. Volcanicus and Predaking have joined the fray in the battle for Earth’s resources. Our friends over at Space Ape Games have shared with us the last three episodes of their Unleashing the Beasts series!
In last weekend’s event, Stolen Secrets, players experienced the the start of the new Volcanicus vs. Predaking saga. The saga began with the new in-game combiners’ respective team leaders Grimlock and Razorclaw.
Will the Dinobots be able to withstand the viciousness and precision of the Predacons?, or will the Dinobots’ primal fury overwhelm the savage Predacons? Stay tuned as the Volcanicus vs. Predaking saga continues this Friday!
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“The Art: Bringing the Combiners to Life”

“The Story with Simon Furman”

“The Toy: How It All Began”

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