Labels for Titans Return Trypticon

If there’s one strike against Titans Return – and the upcoming Power of the Primes – it’s the often-frustrating, generally unfinished-looking foil stickers. The flagship Titan figures lower the bar again, leaving stickers to be user-applied, often with confusing or inaccurate instructions. (née Reprolabels) has a solution with professional labels for TR Trypticon.
A luxurious and extensive set of labels fully dress Titans Return Trypticon, accenting every divot and bump in Trypticon’s detailed sculpt with delicious detail and unifying motifs across his sometimes inconsistent plastic colors. Decals include ramp details, city windows, tight mechanical detailing, and a Trypticon Crunch display readout among his computer consoles!
ToyHax’s detailed and photographic instructions also ensure that you won’t be test fitting, peeling and reapplying, or trying to match indistinct polygonal blobs to one another to guess at just what the designers intended.
Each of his three forms get full attention to complete your display, whether as city-smashing dinosaur, an invading starship, or the home base for your Generations and Gens-alike Decepticons. For that last option, a new pair of nostalgia-button-pushing radar dishes clip into place to complete his base mode.

At just $35 USD, it’s hard to pass up such a visible improvement to a $150 toy. Check out the set here for details! Fair warning: Full-Tilt is shown in the video with additional labels as well, a separate $5 purchase here.
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