Titans Return Windblade Gallery and review

Swooping in to the all Spark studios today is none other than fan-favorite Windblade!  Check out our gallery and review and decide for yourself if she makes the cut!

I have been a Windblade fan since the moment I saw her.  Being a female Autobot jet was still a rarity, and it was neat to see something different being tried in the franchise again, since all the other females had been land based vehicles. My initial fear for the character was that based on the promo art, she would be the typical angry badass, but writers like Mairghread Scott and artists like Sarah Stone have done a wonderful job of bringing to life a vibrant personality, capable of showing both determination and doubt, strength and weakness, and overall, the desire to do the right thing, even when she makes mistakes.

That being said, I did not like the original toy as much as I did the designs. The vehicle mode was a beautiful sleek jet, with a touch of feminine curves, belaying the deadliness of her weapons and power. The robot mode maintained the overall theme of the design, but the high heels that were forced into the feet left the figure very unstable. As such, she normally has to be posed leaning against someone on my shelf to maintain her upright position. The Robots in Disguise version improved on this to a degree, making the transformation mechanisms much simpler, as well as removing some of the femininity of the aesthetic. This is by no means a bad thing, as the RID version was up until this point my very favorite version of the character. I don’t personally need my female robots to look like pinup models, though your mileage may vary. Titans Return continues on this evolution of improving the Windblade figure, and overall I think it has been successful. Let’s take a look!
Vehicle Mode
Gone is the slim form from her debut figure. This jet is built for battle. The center is more angular and filled out, as if she was made to take a hit and keep soaring. The wings are inverted, giving Windblade a more aggressive look. They almost look like blades themselves, even before you add her weapons. Overall, I think this design change is a solid move in the right direction. Windblade looks like the Autobot equivalent of a Seeker, and I would love to see this mold repainted into other new characters. The only thing that bothers me about the jet mode is that the VTOL rotors are a little too far forward from the center of gravity to realistically lift her up, but…fictional jet mode, so I’ll give it a pass.

Transformation and Significant Differences
As with most of the Generations figures since Combiner Wars, Titans Returns Windblade is much less complex than figures from the line that originally birthed her. As a plus, we get a fun, solid figure, which might be a little simple to transform. To get her in robot mode, pop her feet out from the torso and extend her legs, rotating the feet up. Rotate the canopy behind the back, push the hips up into the torso, pop the arms out from the wings and push the shoulders upward. Push the wings backwards, attach the head, and you’re done.

Robot Mode
I like Windblade’s robot mode, but the aesthetic seems a little all over the place. The torso is super effeminate, but that’s the only part of the figure that is, so it contrasts distinctly with the rest of her body parts. Her other body parts just look like they were designed functionally based on the jet mode, and I could see a less feminine torso being used on this mold in the future to make a “male” character.  Next we get to the head, which sports a face straight out of a Sarah Stone cover. This is pretty frelling awesome, but it’s still slightly off for the look of rest of the figure. Even with all these disparate elements, Windblade still works well, as a figure and as the character. She has phenomenal articulation, which is only hindered slightly at the shoulders, because they hit against the joints for the wings. Windblade is much more stable to pose for this mold, but I feel like the heels would have made her even more poseable if they were able to rotate like the feet. Even so, it’s nice to have a Windblade that stands on her own without support, so I consider this figure a success.

Overall Thoughts
Titans Return Windblade is a successful update of the original figure.  Her alt mode is fierce looking, like an actual blade on the wind. Her robot mode is fun, and somehow pulls strikingly different elements together in a way that melds. Sarah Stone artwork face for the win. Windblade is going to be recognizable for the wee ones due to the RID cartoon, so they will want her. You’re going to need her in your collection as well. I give her a 9/10 for being a relatively flawless, enjoyable figure. Pick her up at your favorite retailer now!