Titans Return Slugslinger Gallery!

Decepticon braggart and self-professed duelist extraordinaire, Slugslinger, has snuck into the Allspark studios this week!  Check out our gallery to see some of the differences between him and his mold brothers!

I like Slugslinger for being different.  While I normally prefer my Decepticons in purple, black or dark blue, his sky blue with grey color scheme is a refreshing to me.  I also love his personality as read from the tech spec, as he’s basically that annoying guy at the party that just wants everyone to pay attention to him.  He’s pathetically hilarious, and a true Decepticon that would fit in great with the first six Seekers.  Being a duel cockpit space jet is not really practical, but it does line up with the guy who seems to be overcompensating, so I can’t fault him there.  Ultimately, he’s a visually striking character with a neat, if not strange, alt-mode.  Gimme.

Jet Mode and Transformation
The jet mode is wonderfully symmetrical, as long as you do not attach his guns.  They throw off the symmetry, but what you gain is, again, the look of a bot trying to appear like he is more than what he actually is.  While he is definitely build from the same base as Triggerhappy and Missfire, Slugslinger has some uniqueness to his form.  The duel cockpits rotate into place using the same mechanism as Misfire, but the Titanmaster cockpit is built into torso, and only really accessible once you rotate the arms downward to the lower part of the body.  Unlike Misfire, he has what appear to be actual engines, even if they are on the jet wings.  Slugslinger, Misfire and Triggerhappy are clearly the 3rd wave of Seekers, simply taking the modifications up a notch further than their predecessors, Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust.  This comparison is even stronger in robot mode.

Robot Mode
While I still think my favorite of the 3 TR Seekers (that’s what I’m calling them) is Misfire, who really has very little in the negative column, Slugslinger is pretty darn close.  His articulation is almost as good as that of his brothers, but I do have to knock him down a bit for the wannabe Dirge style wings.  They hinder his leg articulation ever so slightly, though, in his defense, they do rotate backwards enough to not be a huge bother.  He has human style proportions (very G1), with a face that says “where’s my Seeker badge, let me in the club”.  You can almost see him forming a bragging smirk that someone is going to want to wipe off his face.  He just fits.  Seeker he is.

What I Love – Tampos!
This figure, like many of the deluxe figures, has no stickers, and I love it.  The tampographed designs are clear, crisp, and I do not have to worry about them peeling over time.  This simple aspect is perfection, and I want to take a moment to say to Hasbro that when it comes to stickers, JUST SAY NO.  On second thought, maybe we need a better slogan.  I think something similar was not so effective in the 80’s… 😛

Slugslinger is a Decepticon through and through, and the next Generation of Seekers that you will need for your army.  His transformation is just intricate enough to be fun, without giving the kiddoes a reason to take a moment in the corner to cool down.  If you already have Triggerhappy and Misfire, you will definitely need Slugslinger, just don’t miss any chance you get to purchase him!  He may prove hard to find, being in one of the last waves of Titans Return.