Titans Return Arcee listed on ToysRUs.com

Well, the mystery venue for the wider release of TR Arcee mentioned at HasCon seems to have been revealed, as mere days after it sold out on Hasbrotoyshop.com it has been listed on toysrus.com.
Thanks to the ever vigilant Allspark member Nevermore for first reporting the story, the new listing touts Arcee as “only available at Toys R Us” and is listed at $24.99 with a go live date of 10/5/17.
This is certainly good news for anyone who missed out her brief window of availability at Hasbrotoyshop. Will her availability at Toys R Us be just as short lived? Given her bare bones packaging, will she hit brick and mortar stores or only be available online? We’ll report any new details as they become clear.

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