Titans Return Arcee and Ultra Magnus Gallery!

Breaking her way into the Allspark studios from the arenas in Protohex is none other than Hascon exclusive Titans Return Arcee!  Check out some quick notes about the figure with our gallery and decide if you are going to fight for her on HTS when she gets released to the public September 20th!

Here are come quick notes about the this version of Arcee:

Mine is great for a display piece, but as an actual action figure she comes up a little short.
QC Issues with my figure:

  • the thigh pops off when the left leg is rotated for posing
  • Leinad’s thin dome head is not great as a Titanmaster connector and as a result, Arcee’s head easily falls off her shoulder’s
  • some of the paint opps were not clean, and mine has some extra globs of pink paint where none should be

All of the weapons from the Generations Arcee work with Titans Returns Arcee.  If you have Legends Nightbird, her yellow swords are perfect for “IDW comic accuracy”.  Another option was suggested by former Allspark Staff member Nightviper.  Some people do not like the swords that come with Titans Return Windblade as her actual weapons.  Those yellow blades make a perfect fit for TR Arcee, and as shown in our gallery, store on her back quite nicely as well.

Mold Changes and Recommendation for Arcee
All in all, you’ve seen the mold before as Blurr, but TR Arcee’s newly molded shoulder pieces, shield, and head really work with the colors to make this figure pop as a new character.  In spite of the QC issues, I am really glad I got her, and I definitely recommend her for anyone who loves Titans Return and wants to complete the series.

Ultra Magnus
He looks nice, but the die-cast in these special Titanmasters makes me very disappointed.  The tolerance on the neck joints is too tight (again), and I am afraid I will break the figure with normal use.  He will stand in Titanmaster mode on my shelf with Rodimus Prime and Thunderwing, never to own a larger body of his own.

Much thanks to Allspark staff member SOS for helping me get this set, and I wish all of you luck on September 20th as you vie to add her to your collections!