The Last Knight Hot Rod Escapes Walmart?

Everyone’s favourite time-stopping French Autobot originally found his Deluxe incarnation confined to the Walmart-exclusive Autobots Unite subline. For those who are still keen to grab him, maybe he’s about to become more widely available. 
Thanks to Allsparker and tireless toy detective Nevermore, we’ve been alerted to an Amazon listing that shows Hot Rod in standard TLK Premier Edition packaging. While the item is not currently in stock, it’s an encouraging sign of a possible wider release that we didn’t know was coming.
We had heard rumours in June of a possible extra Deluxe with the codename “Saturn Rings”, which the Flip N’ Change line subsequently revealed was a pseudonym used for Hot Rod. It was the TRU UPC code for that mysterious Deluxe that allowed Nevermore to locate this Amazon listing.
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