The Allspark Coloring Contest – Win Titans Return Skytread!

Thanks to the generosity of friend of The Allspark Gearshift, The Allspark has a brand-new Titans Return Titan Master Skytread to give away! You can win it by entering our first-ever coloring contest – read on for details!

At recent UK Transformers convention, TFNation, Allspark user Gearshift was kind enough to donate her spare Titans Return Skytread toy (which reimagines classic G1 character Flywheels as a Titan Master) for use in an Allspark giveaway. Inspired by TFNation’s Lucky Draw panel, which included a look at Takara’s various coloring competition promotions, the way you can win Skytread is by completing a coloring sheet of him!
How to enter:

  • Download and complete the coloring sheet (see below) and post it in the contest thread on the Allspark Forums. If you need to register for an account, do so here – you can save time by signing in with a Twitter account. You can print, color and scan, color in MS Paint, in Photoshop, whatever takes your fancy. Don’t feel constrained by Flywheels’ existing colors!
  • Post your sheet in this thread before midnight Eastern US time on Sunday 1st October 2017. Entries are open to anywhere in the world.

After the entry period ends, I’ll pick a winner, based on a combination of creativity and execution. The fanciest colouring won’t necessarily win – this is anybody’s game! I’ll PM the winner for their address so I can post them their prize.
So, happy coloring!

Download your coloring sheet here!