TakaraTomy Listings Reveal Targetmaster Windblade? G2 Megatron Listed, Movie the Best Line Continues

New listings from Loopaza Mega Store found by blogger Snakas reveal upcoming TakaraTomy releases in the Legends and Movie the Best lines, including Legends Targetmaster Windblade and G2 Megatron.

The Legends releases corresponding to Titans Return figures have often included additional accessories and partners, like the exo-suit-equipped Spike included with Legends Bumble, or the Targetmaster partner additions included with classic Targetmaster characters like Kup and Hot Rod in a nod to the US-exclusive cartoon coda “The Rebirth”. Windblade may be accompanied by a Fracas intended for Scourge, or some other unknown partner.
The G2 Megatron listing would appear to correspond to a redeco of the Voyager class Titans Return Megatron figure. Since there’s no hope of a “Megatron attack!” sound box, we only hope that it’s appropriately eye-searing, and a sideways nod to Hero Megatron’s unforgettable homemade T-shirt wouldn’t be unwelcome.
Also evident is that TakaraTomy’s Movie the Best 10-year anniversary line of premium, movie-accurate redecos has more to come.
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