So… Black Panther’s Panther Jet looks a lot like…

With every superhero movie there is bound to be a line of action figures, and Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther will be no exception! Hasbro is handling the toys for this one, and we can’t help but wonder if they managed to sneak in a nod to a certain Decepticon cassette…
Stock photos popped up on Yahoo! Movies today – we’ve mirrored a selection below, but check the link for a few more images and details, including pricing. According to Yahoo, the Black Panther toy line will be showcased at HASCON this weekend, with a spring release planned to coincide with the film’s debut.
One of the toys that caught our attention, though, is Black Panther’s 2 in 1 Panther Jet, a vehicle which converts from jet to… well, it’s probably meant to be a panther, but we think it bears a striking resemblance to everyone’s favourite robotic jaguar… Ravage! Of course, given that many of these tie-in toy lines feature characters and accessories that are never seen on screen, the transforming jet itself might not show up in the movie at all.



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