Sector 7 to Return – er, Preturn? – In Bumblebee Movie

Rory Markham, stuntman and professional wrestler, shared an in-costume set picture from the Bumblebee movie set – specifically, a Sector 7 costume!

Sector 7’s presence, of course, follows naturally from the movie timeline as presented in the first film; Sector 7 not only exists in 1986, but is still holding the frozen Megatron they call NBE-1 to extract the secrets of his technology, and will be for another thirty years. But this seems to be confirmation that they will play some role in the events of the new film.
You can see the original Instagram posting here, and speculate on the conspiracy behind compact discs and automated traffic lights on the Allspark forums here. (Stop here first if you’re new and need an account!)
Thanks to Allspark user and TFWiki editor Spacewarp for bringing us this story!