Rare Items For Sale – Original G1 Animation Cels

Long-time friend of The Allspark Jim Sorenson has alerted us to a unique opportunity for Transformers fans – the chance to own original animation cels from the Generation 1 cartoon. Read on for details of the sale!

As Jim explains in a Facebook post, he is acting as an unpaid intermediary for a seller who wishes to remain anonymous. There are five cels available – Optimus Prime, Decepticons at Sherman Dam, Slag, Ratchet, and Ravage – which Jim, as a noted Transformers historian, can authenticate as genuine production materials. Check out the cels in the gallery below!

So, if you’re interested, how do you make an offer? Jim has the details:

How this works is simple. If you’re interested in any of these cells, just PM me your offer. (Note that, unless you live in driving distance from Hollywood, you’re going to have to add 3% for paypal and another few bucks for insured shipping on top of your best offer, so price that into consideration.) After a week I’ll pass on the best offers to the seller. That might include conceivably include multiple offers on the same piece, if one person for example makes an offer on three of the five cells. If the seller agrees, you’ll paypal the money to me and I’ll ship you the cell.

Jim can be contacted either via his linked Facebook page, or by PM right here on the Allspark Forums, under the username ‘Jim S’.
You can discuss these rare pieces of Transformers history with other fans on the Allspark Forums!