Power of the Primes Hot Rod – Au Naturale!

Unicron.com snagged a few lovely photos this morning of Power of the Primes Hot Rod in the buff – or perhaps in-the-red-that-should-really-be-magenta-but-who’s-complaining. This roughly Deluxe-sized figure combines with his trailer and the Matrix of Leadership to become the hulking Leader figure we saw so much of at SDCC 2017 and again this weekend.
Color palette aside, Hot Rod is meticulously styled after the 1986 film and cartoon appearances, and while his new transformation scheme’s “fake” chest might seem cheaty to some fans, it’s hard to deny that his robot form is one of the most faithful and dynamic renditions of that character, even in light of TakaraTomy’s MP-28 Masterpiece rendition.

We’re still hoping for an unannounced fishing pole accessory.
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