Power of the Primes Display Gallery – Rodimus, Starscream, Jazz, Blackwing and Dreadwind, Beachcomber

We’re still waiting on the big reveals today, but the previously revealed figures from the Power of the Primes display from SDCC have returned and fans have snapped up some new looks at these star attractions for the PotP lineup.
First from Transformers Cars are the heavy hitters – Leader Rodimus Prime and the now-definitely-confirmed combiner Voyager Starscream, as well as Jazz as seen in Mark Rosewater’s gallery:

Benson Yee of BWTF.com took a second gallery, served up via Baltmatrix on Twitter and ubiquitous blogger Snakas. A second look at the above figures as well as Beachcomber, Skullgrin, and a very happy Trypticon!

And confirmation for anyone still doubting: Yes, Starscream is a combiner! And not a screaming purple head this time!

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