Photos from Singapore Toy & Game Comic Con – MP-12+ Sideswipe, Flame Toys Drift, LG-EX God Ginrai

In the midst of the HASCON reveals, Singapore fan group Planet Iacon have released images from Singapore Toy & Game Comic Con – LG-EX Triplemaster God Ginrai with a blazing chrome chest,  MP-12+ Lambor in his meticulous cartoon deco, and Flame Toys Drift looking very serious alongside his many hands.
LG-EX God Ginrai is slated to be exclusive to TakaraTomy Mall. Flame Toys Drift is a licensed collector figure that has been extensively documented in stock photography and is available on preorder from site sponsors BigBadToyStore and TFSource among other online retailers. MP-12+ Lambor is a redeco of the existing MP-12 in a more animation-accurate style befitting his upcoming brother Sunstreaker.

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