Pete’s Robot Convention 2018 to Feature BotCon & Club Exclusive Production Samples

Our team had a blast at Pete’s Robot Convention 2017, both for the rare sights and for the chance to hang out with fellow Allsparkers and other fans. The convention’s Facebook page has announced the star attraction for June 2018: unique preproduction samples from BotCon and Collectors’ Club lineups past, some of which might want to go home with you.
Pete’s Robot Convention 2017, helmed by Pete Sinclair and Jesse Wittenrich of BotCon fame, filled a bit of the gap left in some fans’ hearts at the end of BotCon, but it also showcased the exclusives that might have been if BotCon had been held for 2017. It was a chance for some facetime with fellow fans as well as a peek behind the curtain in the making of a convention or a convention exclusive toy. And for one lucky fan, it was a chance to own samples of some of these toys that never were.
The 2018 event was announced in August, leaving attendees to speculate what might be the centerpiece for the next event. As it turns out, attendees will get the chance to get up close with a bit more of Transformers and BotCon history: preproduction samples of exclusive figures for BotCon and Transformers Collectors’ Club exclusives, not all of which are going home with the show runners.
See the Facebook announcement below for full details, and see our review of Pete’s Robot Con 2017 here.

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