Our First Look at HASCON – Registration Pick-Up

Allspark staffer Patrick picked up his registration today at the convention center for HASCON. Among 3000 registrants, 1500-2000 have checked in, with the facility planning for many more in walk-in attendees.
At the check-in, an unknown child provides cover fire for an animate can of Play-Doh while directing attendees to purchase or retrieve their badges. At the main entrance, a long queue corral anticipates walk-in attendees tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

Registration materials include a guidebook and the all-important lanyard badge, containing passes to any special events attendees have opted to attend.

Thanks to Patrick for this short photo blog as we wait for the big news tomorrow and through the weekend: Power of the Primes toy reveals, like the teased Dinobots and Terrorcons; the still open question of just what kind of show Hasbro is putting on this weekend in Providence, whether fan convention, brand expo, or something new; and just what impression this inaugural HASCON will leave for fans, both fans of Transformers and those of the various other brands who’ve come to play.
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