New Images of Takara’s LG-61 Clonetron Set, LG-62 Targetmaster Windblade & LG-63 G2 Megatron!

Thanks to Amazon Japan we have stock images of upcoming Transformers Legends LG-61 Clonetron Set, LG-62 Targetmaster Windblade, and LG-63 G2 Megatron! Continue to check out the mirrored images!

The LG-61 Clonetron Set adds more darker purple paint apps to Pounce and Wingspan, as well as the faces painted silver. LG-62 Targetmaster Windblade has different paint applications in vehicle mode than Titans Return Windblade. She also comes with Targetmaster Pinpointer (does this signal a future release of Crosshairs?). LG-63 G2 Megatron uses the Titans Return Megatron mold in G2 Hero Megatron deco. Surprisingly he comes with Titan Master Fangry partner drone painted as Beast Machines Savage Noble! Fans can now give Legends Megaligator his own partner drone to battle against Convobat’s Ape X Arms with.

Thanks to retired Allspark Staff member Powered Convoy for the tip.
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