Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Joins Transformers Hall of Fame

Along with previously reported Sue Blu, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura joins co-conspirators Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg in the Transformers Hall of Fame! Bonaventura is best known for his role as producer in the Transformers film franchise.
Bonaventura may not be the first name to come to mind in relation to the Transformers live-action film franchise, but he has acted as producer on each film, including the upcoming Bumblebee. He has been inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame alongside Sue Blue in 2017’s Humans category.
Bonaventura is also notable as a key link in bringing The Matrix and the Harry Potter film franchise to the screen before taking up the role of a producer. He now joins Transformers legends like Bob Budiansky and Peter Cullen. See the full list of prior recipients on the Transformers Wiki, here.
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