Location Manager JJ Hook on Transformers Universe: Bumblebee Shooting

Supervising Location Manager Jonathan “JJ” Hook spoke to the Vallejo Times Herald about his role in choosing locations and managing logistics for filming, offering some further insights into the movie and the filming process. Transformers Universe: Bumblebee will be filmed entirely in California as part of a tax credit deal. Hook’s role as Supervising Location Manager is to find filming locations to embody the film’s setting, a creative negotiation between script and real-world environments. In Vallejo, California, that means a town environment with an authenticity and timelessness he compares to Back to the Future, suitable for the film’s contemporaneous 1985 setting.

Mare Island’s drydocks have been perfect for “Bumblebee,” said Hook.
So good, he noted, “the ending of the movie was re-written after finding the location.”
The “Transformer” films allow the improvisation, he said. Not so with a movie like “Inception,” where “you have a completely finished, polished script before you start and honor every word.”

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