Leader Class Prima and Megatronus Coming Soon?

The “Prime Wars Trilogy” panel has happened at HASCON 2017, and thanks to Eric Crownover and Radio Free Cybertron, we have images of a particularly interesting slide from the presentation, which seems to suggest that we may be getting Leader Class figures of Prima and Megatronus – two of the Thirteen Primes – during Power of the Primes. Read on for the images!

The slide shows a variety of concept artwork for Power of the Primes, including for Leader Class Rodimus Prime and the Volcanicus Dinobot combiner. But at the top-centre of the slide are a pair of figures recognisable as retools of the Titans Return Sky Shadow/Overlord mold. Whilst the black figure is hard to make out, the details on the white version seems to be Prima, the first of the Thirteen and Warrior of Light, based on his Aligned continuity design. That no doubt means that his counterpart is Megatronus, the Warrior of Darkness!
It’s notable that Prima and Megatronus were some of the Thirteen Primes who didn’t have a Prime Master figure shown the recent Power of the Primes leak (alongside Nexus Prime and Onyx Prime). Could it be, then, that these two Primes are getting full-size Leader Class figures instead, perhaps with their matching Prime Masters packed in?
Only time can tell, but this slide sure is some convincing evidence! For now, check out the images yourself in the gallery below, then share your thoughts on the Allspark Forums!
UPDATE: We’ve added an enhanced version of Eric’s photo to the gallery, so you can check out the concept art more clearly.