IDW Reveals Transformers vs. Visionaries

After announcing the addition of the Visionaries to the Hasbro Universe at SDCC, IDW Publishing have now revealed covers and designs for Transformers vs. Visionaries, starting this December! Read on for the details!

Via The A.V. Club, IDW have announced that the Visionaries will be entering the universe via a series that sees them go up against Cybertron’s cast of Transformers, picking up the baton from the soon-to-conclude Till All Are One. Writer Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim) had the following to say:

As someone who grew up on a host of Hasbro/Sunbow animated shows, I’m very excited to help revive Visionaries for modern audiences. We’ve worked hard to keep it fresh enough for new readers, but faithful enough to the source material for old fans. It has all the same scheming wizards, dastardly villains, and flawed heroes of the original, but with a stunning new twist.

Meanwhile, artist Fico Ossio (fresh off IDW’s Revolution and Revolutionaries) added:

I’m very excited to be working on Visionaries and teaming up with Mags and [editor] Sarah [Gaydos]! Happy to be able to update them for a new generation! Mags’ script is really great and I can’t wait to have them stand against the Transformers.

Ossio had significant creative freedom when redesigning the Visionaries for a new age, and a gallery of his impresssive character designs was released alongside several covers for Transformers vs. Visionaries #1, due out 27th December. Check them out below, then discuss this news with other fans on the Allspark Forums!