Here’s What Happens When You Lose Your Transformers on the Road in Canada

Here’s a bit of weird Transformers news. Last week, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Nanaimo, British Columbia, sent out a press release looking for the owner of dozens of Transformers that had been found scattered along the highway. More details after the jump!

According to the press release, a motorist found the toys on the morning of September 13, and, instead of hoarding them for future eBay sales, turned them over to the police. The photos show a Transformers Prime First Edition Optimus and a Revenge of the Fallen “Fury of Bonecrusher” two-pack.

Here’s the RCMP’s humorous press release:

If you were driving by the intersection of Fifth St and the Nanaimo Parkway on Tuesday September 12th at approximately 10:30 am, and saw dozens of Transformers lying on the side of the road, have no worries that a battle is looming between the honorable Optimus Prime and his evil arch enemy Megatron. These powerful beasts appear to have simply fallen off the back of a truck and ended up scattered along the highway and throughout the intersection.
An alert northbound motorist saw the Transformers roadside and pulled over,gathered them up and then turned over to the Nanaimo RCMP for safekeeping. A few pictures are attached of the items gathered up.

A story posted by the Nanaimo News Bulletin claimed that the owner of the figures contacted the RCMP and retrieved them.
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