HasCon VIP Event Images – Optimus Primal, Moonracer, Hun-Grrr, and Rippersnapper Revealed!

New toys have been revealed at the HasCon VIP Dinner including the highly anticipated reveal of Fan’s Choice winner, PotP leader class Optimus Primal!
Thanks to Luke Brown on Twitter, we have new images of the slides shown at the VIP event. Newly revealed are better images of the previous leaked Moonracer, Rippersnapper, and Hun-Gurrr, but the real star of the event is our first look at Optimus Primal. Optimus Primal seems to feature a deluxe figure with a spaceship mode that combines with a robotic gorilla component to form an Optimus Primal inspired combined form.
Also featured are a few images of Transformers history including a G1 Galvatron prototype and slides outlining Transformers design history and ties with Diaclone and Microman.
Check out the images for yourself below!

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