HASCON Transformers Case Photos – Dinobots and Optimus Prime, Prototypes and Unproduced, Final Titans Return and Movie Releases

The Transformers display cases at HASCON are a mix of new reveals from Power of the Primes, recent product from The Last Knight and Titans Return, and prototypes and unproduced redecos. See them all in Allspark legend Powered Convoy’s photos here!
First are the Power of the Primes reveals – new angles of the toys from SDCC 2017 and the new Optimus Prime, Micronus Prime, and Dinobots:

Dinobots! Six of them!

Some figures before they were and a few that never were to be – see some Prime Scraplets and a Dark of the Moon Blaster!

Happy Trypticons!

Finally, a bit of the tail of Titans Return and some other recent and upcoming figures on display.

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