HASCON So Far – News & Notes From Allspark Members

Hascon is under way and our readers are following it in real time on our forums here (with a second thread specifically for toy reveals here) which you would already know if you were on the boards – sign up here! But thanks to those at show community members we have some notes from the ground at Hascon.
HasCon exclusives are apparently limit 4 and they’re stamping badges. SDCC exclusives are 2 per person.
The 11:30 am Transformers panel was nearly empty. See pics below. To distract from this those who attended reported pre-panel music so loud it would give you a headache. Upon exiting they were blasted with Mmmbop by Hanson. Seriously.
There was literally next to no one at the IDW panel which turned out to have nothing to do with reveals but rather how a comic is made. We’d tell you more but at that point next to no one became no one and thus technically the rest of the panel didn’t happen.
The non-Exclusives part of the Hasbro store is Movie Deluxes (Zach’s first time seeing Squeaks) 1 Steps, some RID Combiners and one shelf of Wave 1 Titans Return Deluxes. Truly living the dream.
As of fifteen minutes ago there were still Arcee’s and poor crock waited 90 minutes in line to get one. Ignore the panels, come for the lines – HASCON!
Credit Multicon & Powered Convoy & ZachWilliam1 & crockalley. To close enjoy this gallery of HasCon site pics that may not have a lot of reveals or the like but give you a better idea of the convention layout and attendance (ouch) and what you’re missing at home.


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