First Look at the Second Assortment of Transformers: Movie the Best from TakaraTomy

Courtesy of the official TakaraTomy Transformers PR page on Twitter, we have our first look at the upcoming new releases in the Transformers: Movie the Best line.

From the top left, featured in this image are new screen accurate decos for deluxe class Jazz and Bonecrusher from the original movie line. Next up is a premium deco version of TLK leader Megatron, featuring the red face paint which marked his face in the film. To his left, a new version of TLK voyager Hound, featuring a new gun based on the three barreled gatling gun that was a feature of the AoE toy. Finishing up the top row is a new version of the AoE baddie, Lockdown, with a new sculpt featuring his HUD facemask he used in several scenes.
On the bottom row starting from the left we have ROTF leader class Optimus Prime featuring a premium deco and the knuckle busters he employed against Shockwave in DotM (though he does not feature the AoE redesigned abs). Next is TLK deluxe Bumblebee which is said to feature a new accessory of the battle hammer he used in the film. Following him we have a premium deco of TLK Nemesis Prime also featuring the red face marking from the film. Lastly we have a premium deco of RotF leader Jetfire which will surely retain its ability to combine with the RotF leader Optimus being released concurrently in this line.
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